Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Will's Many Skills

It seems like in the past couple weeks, Will has acquired many skills.  It is amazing to see all that he has learned through observation.  I uploaded a few videos to showcase his tricks for loving family who cannot see him in person, and for any loving friends who care to watch, too.  : )
Will has started chattering to himself.  He has always been a noise maker, but lately has picked up a more "talkative" sounding chatter, and he even does it as if he is "reading" books and cards.  Here's a short glimpse of that chatter in action.

Here's Will and Daddy "tossing the ball around".  Daddy taught Will to "roll" the ball back and forth.  You can see Will doesn't really have the rolling thing down yet, and though his throws are sometimes erratic, he does pretty good at getting it back to Daddy.  Before this he would simply hand us the ball back, instead of throw it.  As you will see, the last toss went a little haywire.  ; )
Carl taught Will how to make truck noises, so now whenever he pushes his cars, trucks, or even a Cheerio across his breakfast tray, he makes his vehicle noises.  Pretty fun.  He also learned how to clap and "say" Yay! together, which he does at the end of this video.  He has learned to associate this with us saying "Good job Will" or something similar, or just when he apparently feels he deserves it.  ;)
And finally, Will has started walking more and more lately.  He has gotten pretty good, but it is hard to actually catch him on video.   Finally I was able to get him and though it is not his most balanced effort, it at least catches him taking a few steps.  :)  He of course does his best when Mommy and Daddy don't get him excited and he can concentrate on walking alone.

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Joy said...

Those are sooooo precious!!! Love it! :)