Sunday, August 29, 2010

Will turned 1!!

Our baby boy turned 1 this past week.  What a year it has been!  He is such a beautiful, precious blessing and we are daily thankful for the love and joy he brings to our lives.  Since we were on vacation on his actual birthday, we celebrated there and then when we got home we opened waiting cards and gifts.  So, no big party, but small family celebrations.  As a warning...this is a little pic heavy.  : )

Daddy reading Great Grandpa and Grandma's card.  Apparently it was funny.  ; )

Love the look on his face in this "Good riddens!  Get rid of that silly paper that only blocks the present!"
Finally!  The present!
Good job, Great Gpa and Gma!  He loves his gifts!
Here's Mommy and Daddy's gift to Will on his very first bday.  We are thrilled to report that he loves it!
Reading all the sweet bday cards that were waiting when we got home.
Gma DeeDee and Pops got Will a winter jacket, hats, and mittens.  Here's one of the hats!  Love it!  :)
This picture and the next are his gifts from Gpa and Gma H.  They arrived early, and since we weren't home on his bday, they said it was OK to open them early, so we did!
Will loves puzzles!  He tries and tries to get those pieces back in the right spots.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent Will a gift and/or a card!  He loves all his gifts and cards, and we actually reread his cards over and over again, much to his delight!


Emily's Posts said...

happy birthday!! wow! 1!!!

Tom and April said...

Awe. Happy Birthday Will!

Joy said...

AWWWWWWW!!! :) SOOOO sweet! I LOVE his feet. :) He is so precious. Can you believe a year has gone by? I am in the same boat in one month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Will! :)

The Broxton's said...