Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meriam's Corner

We went to another site and walked along the Minuteman trail this past weekend.  This time we went to Meriam's Corner. 

In short, here is what happened there: "Meriam's Corner - The British troops retreating from the Old North Bridge were here attacked in flank by the men of Concord and neighboring towns and driven under a hot fire to Charlestown."  This would begin a six hour, sixteen mile retreat back to Charlestown, punctuated by bursts of heavy fighting.

I thought it was interesting to know that this house, though built in the 1600's was occupied until 1980 (they added floorboard heater's, but left the rest of the original construction).  That is some quality construction!

Noticed the exposed beams and low ceilings.  They were even lower in other rooms...Carl had to hunch.  Apparently they built them low in order to help keep the rooms warm from the open fire in the winter.

Handsome husband in front of the beautiful wildflowers.

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