Monday, August 29, 2011


  How do you get a 2-year-old to eat his carrots?  Answer: Ketchup!  That magical sauce that makes everything taste better!  Hey, whatever works! And yes, he actually did eat the carrot, not just lick off the ketchup. :)


Jenny said...

Great post! Ha... who'd a thought? Does he like Ranch? Or any other more traditional veggie dips? I loved seeing the photos from your visit back home, and recognizing some of the faces. :) Thanks for sharing. Love your bangs, too, by the way!!

Amanda said...

Wow! Sauce is amazing! Lol Happy Belated birthday to Will!

Mrs. Pizo said...

I giggled reading this. Courtney used to ask for snow on her veggies. Ranch dressing was our sauce of choice.