Monday, November 21, 2011

Aquarium Trip

Sorry I have been so negligent on blogging!  On Veteran's Day we took Will to the aquarium for the first time.  He was fascinated and loved even the tide pool where you can touch sea creatures (he tends to be skeptical about touching something he is unsure of).  We will definitely have to go back!

Top part of the huge cylindrical tank that runs through the middle of the building.  

Tide pool.

I basically couldn't get over these huge turtles.

I have never seen a sea lion that looks like this one.  Will kept calling him a "doggie". 


Amanda said...

Austin loved seeing all the fish at the aquarium when he was Will's age! We would have so much fun with him!

Tom and April said...

Ah..yes that is one of my favorite Aquariums. It is such a great one there. Glad he loved it, my kids love aquariums too.

Sabrina said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you had so much fun!