Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fire trucks!

During Fire Prevention Week the fire department on base set up a fun day with demonstrations and bouncy houses for the kids.  I had to take Will because like most all little boys he LOVES fire trucks!  Oh yes, and bouncy houses are pretty high on his list of "likes" too.  :)  As we were walking up to the park there were two fire trucks parked on the street and one on the grass.  I was carrying Will on my back and all I hear is "Fire truck!  Fire truck!  FIRE TRUCK!"...each said as he saw each truck.  He was pretty excited.  :)

The bouncy house Will scurried into as quick as he could. :)

One BIG fire truck.

Will was fascinated, but didn't want to get too close to this one, so he took a squat and just examined it for a while.

Playing with his goodies---fire hat and paper fire truck.

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Tom and April said...

I love the first pic of him in the hat, he is adorable. What a fun time! Miss you guys!