Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Boy Haircut

Will recently had his first real hair cut.  Since his hair is much like his Mommy's was at his age---slow-growing and fine, he didn't need a real cut for quite a while.  :)  Here's a couple before and after pics.  It's a little tough to see since his hair is so blond and since he really still doesn't have much of it.  :) Oh yes, and apparently his nose was a bit of a mess at the time, sorry about that.  Also it's impossible to get this kiddo to stand still long enough to get a good pic, so the angles vary.  ;)

I only included this crazy one so you can see the side of his head.  :)

New cut...not terribly different.  Daddy just buzzed up the sides and back and Mommy did a little trimming up top.  :)

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