Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Song

Ever since Will's 2nd birthday in August, he has been periodically singing the birthday song and has progressively gotten better at it.  Carl's birthday was last week and since then he has been singing it daily.  Today he was doing such a good job and I was actually able to film him.  :)  The second video might make you a little dizzy at the end, as he was moving around me and I was having trouble finding him with the camera.  Just FYI, I think he is saying "Happy Birthday Willdaddy" when it comes to saying the name in the song.  Sorry the video is a bit grainy...it's our camera video.  :)



I am truly blessed said...

Too cute. He is sweet. Reminds me of Adam when he first started singing happy birthday

The Broxton's said...

Bud loves the bday song & was singing with him =)

Renee said...

Next stop American Idol! He is such a joy.

Emily's Posts said...

He is so cute! I love the look of concentration he gets in the second video!! He's growing up!

Mama Nuke said...

LOL. SO cute...Jax sings Happy CHOO CHOO, and that is how he sings it since Faiths birthday. Your little man is growing more handsome every day. Praying for you lady.