Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beautiful Walk on a Beautiful Day

This past Saturday was an incredibly beautiful, clear day.  Jadon had a soccer game and following the game we were able to take a little walk along an inlet area during high tide, enjoying the absolutely gorgeous area in which we live. 

Jadon in his team shirt. 

The kickoff.  ;)

I moved our location while we were watching and Hannah insisted on carrying her own chair.  She's like an ant.  ;)

The beginning of our walk, under an overpass.  

Jadon and Hanny checking out the ducks.

These children could throw rocks in the water for hours on end.

Now Daddy joins in the rock throwing fun.  :)

Will venturing down some stone steps on the side of the path that lead down to the water.

Daddy and the boys (in the shadow).

Will is pretty much too big for Daddy to do this anymore (notice the lack of height).  :)

Hanny, however, still has a few years before she reaches the "too heavy" status.  ;)

Jadon enjoying his snack at the break time.

 Hanny enjoying putting grass in the empty snack container.  

Here we go back to the van.  Lovely walk on a lovely day.

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