Thursday, October 23, 2008

High Cotton

This may sound silly, but Carl and I are fascinated with the fields of cotton around here, so much so that we had to take some pictures of it to share. We personally have never lived anywhere that grew cotton, and have never seen it in real-life in the fields. We didn't even realize they grew cotton in TN until we saw it here (we are in the southwestern most corner). I am especially fascinated, as I come from a farming family, and now see all these new tractors I've never seen before (geeky, I know). We did stop and feel it, by the way. It feels much like regular cotton balls you buy from the store. Imagine. :) Anyhow, here are the pictures of the crop.
How awesome is it that our favorite clothes start out looking like this? : )
This is how they apparently bale cotton. As you can tell, these are huge bricks of cotton, and there are many more not included in the photo. Cool huh? I am sure the farmer in the tractor thought I was slightly insane when I was taking this photo.

Sorry this is kind of dark and blurry. I took it from the car. It was an afterthought photo.


Tom and April said...

I have always loved cotton fields, there is just something about them. It is crazy how they make huge blocks like that, isn't it?? Glad you had fun.

Jenny said...

WOW.... I had no idea! I never knew what it really looked like when growing...that's so amazing. How cool that you get to see all of that stuff! Thanks for the post about this! I wich the photos could enlarge... I don't know why they can't sometimes. Thank you for all of your sweet comments!!!