Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Witnessing History

This Sunday we witnessed history at our church, as our pastor passed the pulpit on to a new pastor. The current pastor at our church is stepping down to "Pastor Emeritus", which from what I understand is kind of an assisting-type job, helping the new pastor with the ropes of the church and such. The pastor who is stepping down has been in the ministry for 43 years, pastoring this church for 34, and due to an illness he has been battling for a few years now, he has to step down from the ministry. Our new pastor started this last Sunday. He came from a church in Arkansas (though not as the pastor), and from being the vice president of a bible college that he and his brother (who is a pastor) started. Though we loved the last pastor, we are excited to see how God will work in our church in this move as well.

When we first joined this church, the pastor actually told us that we were an answer to prayer, as a naval officer had just left and since then he has been praying for another naval officer to take his place! We really knew that we were in God's will when we heard that! We really feel that our last church equipped us for the ministry God has given us here. It has been such a wonderful blessing and faith builder to see how God has brought us and worked in our lives to take us from one place to the next. What a glorious blessing it is to know that you are following God's plan, in His will, and what peace it brings!


Jenny said...

Aww, praise the Lord! What a blessing. You both are sorely missed here... but we are glad you can be a blessing there also.

About the photos, I have NO idea! But I went through your blog and I couldn't get any of them to enlarge for me... is that how it is for you? It must be in the way that you post them. I have them saved on my computer... then I click the "add photo" button on blogger... then I browse the files of my computer until I find where I saved it, then I double click on it. Of course, the image is larger than the thumbnail used for blogger's minima stretch template, so the thumbnail is displayed, but you can click to view the whole image if you like. Is that how you do it?

Jenny B. said...

Hmmm...yes, it is. They used to open bigger, and now they don't. I am so confused, but will keep working on it, because it annoys me! :) Thanks Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for a faithful man of God! I am glad that you are able to be such a blessing to that church, though we miss you soooo much!!

~Emily Houston