Monday, November 3, 2008

We did it!!

First a little background---since August, Carl and I have been training to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles). Well, early this past Sunday morning we put all of our training into use. We did it! We rolled out of bed, jumped into our running gear, drove to the site, and ran our 13.1 mile race, all in time to still get to Sunday school! : )
We both have wanted to run a full marathon for a long time (before we met each other), and this was our first hurdle on our way to someday running that, though I will admit, around mile 11 or so, I started to think a half-marathon was far enough! As I said, we have been training for quite some time, and it paid off, as we both ran a much faster race than anticipated. No way would we have gone into it without such training. Carl finished the race in 1 hour 51 min, placing 10th out of 22 in his age group, and 107 out of 359 runners total! I finished in 2 hours 5 min, placing 7 out of 18 in my age group, and 203 out of 359 runners total! We are proud to officially be able to call ourselves runners now. : ) Okay, enough of that, I just wanted to share our victory with you.

Below are a few pictures from the race photographer.

Let the race begin!

Carl on the run checking his time. He's the one checking time in the center with a white long-sleeved shirt (in case you couldn't tell). : )

Me concentrating on passing that guy in front of me. : ) I'm the second one in the photo, in the long blue shorts, gray t-shirt, and black long-sleeve shirt underneath. : )

A view of the race route. The funny think about the route is that it was the road to the Navy base, and the road we drive to work every day. So, we had plenty of time to scope it out over and over and over again. Now every time we drive to work we area amazed at how quickly you really can cover ground in a car! : )


Amanda said...

That is so awesome!!!!

Jenny said...

WOW,.... so amazing that you did that!! Yay for you!! You must feel so proud (not in the bad way) that you were able to work hard in preparation and accomplish this task. I am so happy for you! I am SOOO sorry that I didn't call you back today, Dan ended up calling and we needed to talk about plans. I hope to call you back soon, though! :):)

Anonymous said...

Great job!! I am so excited for you!! Naomi, Anna, and I jog/walk several miles (try everyday). So I have an extreme respect for someone who could do that!!!! I am NOT a runner, in fact, I'm a very slow jogger. But getting better at it. :)

~Emily H.

One Happy Family said...

I am sooooo proud of both of you - and to place so well in your very first run! Congratulations! It is awesome when the Lord allows us the simple luxury of realizing some personal goals!
Job Well Done!