Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Hunt

Over our recent vacation, my husband provided for his family through one of the most timeless ways of man---hunting. That's right, Carl got himself a deer this season, a big doe as a matter of fact, and we are now stocked up on venison for the year. : ) The rules in the county in which we were changed on what deer you could get which days, so unfortunately we saw many deer on many days that we could not get. Fortunately, Carl the Hunter found a deer on the few days we were able to get what we could see, though the sitings of them had diminished greatly by then. Here are a few pictures from the hunt. I am sorry this is just a long post, as there were so few pictures, I didn't take the time to put them in slide show format.

Here's the hunter in the stand.

I was with him, but not at the time he got the deer.
The stand--very high, and thankfully VERY sturdy!
It took both Carl and his dad to pull up this big doe.

The end result, currently in our freezer and enough to feed us for quite some time!


Renee said...

Good job Carl!

Tom and April said...

Yumm...good job Carl....venison makes really good chicken fried steak or in this case chicken fried venison. Way to go!!!!

Amanda said...

That is so awesome!! Tom and Tommy got a deer this year also. It is such a blessing to have meat you don't have to worry about what they are injecting into it! Praise the Lord! How many days was your hunt?

Jenny said...

Yay! That is sooo cool! The boys loved seeing your photos! I love the joy on Carl's face! How very satisfying it must feel to have "bagged" your own meat. Miss you!