Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Sky Like It

We were recently back in Illinois for Christmas, and on the way home had to snap a photo of the sky. I LOVE the sky in Illinois, as there is no other like it anywhere we have lived. In Illinois it seems as though you can see to the ends of the earth across the land, which also means the sunset is always in view. They are always phenomenal. This one proved to be no exception. In the picture it looks as though the sky is on fire, though it of course does not do the scene justice.

In real-life, the sky under the clouds was much more blue. This photo was taken from the car, so forgive any blurriness, please.


Mary H. said...


I was just thrilled to see you this weekend. I hope that you and Carl had a safe trip home! Please let me know when you will be in town again and maybe we could meet up for lunch or coffee/tea.

Also, I'm taking some specialized massage classes in the spring, so you could be my guinea pig when you come to visit-LOL I promise I won't hurt you!! Again, I'm so happy to know you are doing well! I love your blog by the way. It's inspiring me to possibly create one for myself!

Ciao for now old friend. Tell the hubby I said it was great seeing him as well. Much love...and hug your puppies for me!


Tom and April said...

Wow Jenny that is a beautiful pic..you took a beautiful shot!

Jenny said...

Wow... that is so beautiful!! Amazing! I have never seen skies like those before. What a blessing to live where you can see things like that often. So glad you shared it with us! Miss you guys!! And don't worry, it doesn't look blurry!

One Happy Family said...

Very pretty. You are right . . . the skies in the midwest have much over many other skies. Happy New Year's Eve Eve.