Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 Month Check-Up

Today Will had his 2 month check-up. It's almost not fair that something so sweet and so little has to be stuck with those needles, but we know it's for the best. : ) He did scream initially (a scream, not even really a cry) but after a few minutes of nursing he was his jolly little self again. Also, thanks to some advice from mother's that know, I gave him some Children's Motrin prior to the appointment, which I believe helped as well. As an update Will stats are: 14 pounds even (double his birth weight), 24 inches long (3 more than his birth). He is a growing boy and doing great. He has been sleepier than usual today, as I was told is a usual side-effect of the shots, and for that I am thankful. Rather have a sleepy baby than a hurting, fussy baby.


Amanda said...

Oh he is so sweet! Hope all is well with you all. Tell Carl Tom thinks its awesome he does shooting competitions!

Joy said...

WOW he is a growing little feller! And so cute! I miss you guys! We need to get our babies together one day. Maybe at Christmas on our way to AR we can meet up. :) We love you guys!!

Jenny said...

Oh, I hate those 2 month check ups too! That's so wonderful that he calmed down after nursing a little. Wow.... he doubled his birth weight by 2 months?!?!! WHO does that?? Why, little WILL does! That's amazing... none of my little babies did that. As a general rule, they like you to double your birth weight by 6 months... which Keturah did not. But I think Malachi did. :) So glad you're all doing so well! Praise the Lord!!