Monday, October 5, 2009

A Celebrity Meeting

Last week we spent the week in Tulsa, OK on a mini-vacation. The reason we chose Tulsa was because Carl was also competing in a national shooting competition a couple of the days we were there. We had a great time relaxing and spending time together. Carl also had a great time shooting and while he was there he met one of our shooting heroes, Massad Ayoob. He has written several books and is a celebrity in the handgun shooting world and apparently just a nice guy. When Carl met Mr.Ayoob, he responded to Carl's greeting with "Call me Mass.". :) Such casualty is astounding to us, as he really is such a big celebrity, but as I said--just a nice guy.

Carl and Massad Ayoob!

One of the many stages Carl shot--shooting through a tube, in the dark.

We took a picture with the sign to remember that this was Will's first introduction to IDPA (he and I just went to pick Carl --far from the shooting).


Jenny said...

How exciting!! I am sure you guys will always remember this special event in your lives! Great photos too!! It's so good to see YOU in a photo! Yay for that! I have loved seeing the photos of your sweet Will... and I can't wait to see more. I will now have to go and google "Mass" and read a little more about him.

Joy said...

How cool is that! I will have to see if Shane knows that feller. I love seeing the pictures and it is GREAT seeing you! :) I hope all is going well.