Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Pumpkin

A few friends and relatives gave Will outfits and accessories to celebrate the season, and since they all live far away, I wanted to post pictures of him in them so they could see him wearing their gifts. Besides, it's just so fun to see him in them! : )

As a warning--I had a hard time deciding on pictures, so there are a few in each outfit...yes, I know, I am a first time Mommy--I know you all are thinking it! ; )

He has been putting his fists in his mouth to suck on lately, so that is where they are on their way to in this picture.

Pumpkin outfit, with socks and hat to match!

An action shot. : )

Though he is a little blown out in this picture, it cracked me up, so I had to post it.

And finally--our little zebra. : ) He was not in as much of a smiling mood when this was taken, but I still love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis,

I love the pictures of our little pumpkin. He is sooooooo totaly cute. I miss and hope to see you soon.


Jenny said...

Oh my... he is so adorable, Jenny!! Look at those chubby little cheeks and bright blue eyes! I can't believe how filled out he is! What a good little nurser! I just love that you share ALL of those photos... no one is thinking ANYthing bad about it... the more you share, the better!! We who are far are so excited to see pictures of you little man!! We would also love more of YOU too! :) Thanks for sharing these great photos of your great blessing. Love you!! God bless...

Amanda said...

I love the zebra outfit! He looks so precious!

Joy said...

Soooooo cute!! I LOVE all of the pictures. He is such a cute little guy!
Love you!!