Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Dedication

This past Sunday we had Will's baby dedication. For those who do not know--a baby dedication is really for the parents of the baby, not the child. It has nothing to do with salvation for the child, but is simply and outward, public commitment of the parents to raise the child in a godly home, for the Lord. In addition, it is a commitment of the church to continue to foster a godly environment for the child to grow in spiritually and also I think to continue to serve as a place of spiritual growth, rooted in God's truths, for the parents, helping to keep them accountable for raising a godly child.

There was also another couple dedicating their 3rd child to the Lord. They also have a little boy and he was born 5 days after Will. The church gave us each a personalized plaque stating our commitment and a little new testament Bible for Will. Also, as a big surprise, my parents and sister showed up for the dedication! We had NO IDEA that they were going to be there and were overjoyed to see them there for the occasion. It was a lovely day and a great commitment before the Lord, one that we will continually think of and remind ourselves of daily as we strive to raise our child in a godly home for the Lord.

During the dedication Pastor held Will in order to pray for and over him, and I was personally praying beforehand that he would just stay peacefully asleep and praise God, he did!


Krista said...

One of these days Simon will get dedicated too. We are hoping to get our membership straightened out first. Congrats on Will's dedication.

Amanda said...

Jenny you look great! So exciting all the wonderful things to look forward to with your little one!

Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

how exciting!! we just had our baby/parent dedication this past sunday too!!

Joy said...

AWWWW!! Thank you for sharing. We will need to get Levi dedicated soon.
Love ya!