Monday, November 16, 2009

He's done it again!

A year ago you may remember that I put up a post about Carl and I running a half-marathon (13.1 miles).  Well since then Carl has gone on to run a full marathon, and then again ran the half-marathon this past Sunday morning!  The great thing about the races is that they are at 7am, so you can run it and still make it to Sunday School on time!  : )  Anyhow, Carl did a fabulous job, running the marthon in a comprable time to his last race, with not nearly as much preparation this time.  Run, Carl, run!! 

Passing many ahead of him (he's in the white shirt with the black and red in the middle and blue shorts).

Passing even more (he's the 6th person in this picture)!

Finishing strong!

Great time for 13.1 miles!  That's an average pace of 8min. and 39sec. per mile.


The Seibert said...

So proud of you,Carl! Don't know why you didn't strap Baby Will to your back and take him with you :) BTW He is sooooo adorable. See you guys soon. We love you!

Amanda said...

Wow way to go Carl! Little Will looks so cute in the picture below! I remember the relief when they started sleeping through the night! Wahooo!