Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Last week we went to take a walk in a nearby forest. Carl had a race there one morning, and we thought it was so beautiful that we had to go back and take a walk. It was beautiful! We LOVE fall, and the leaves, and also love spending time outside as a family. It is so wonderful to be able to take advantage of the gorgeous nature that God has provided for us.

Love walking through the falling leaves!

The many colors of fall.

Will loves going outside for a walk in the stroller.  He let me know a while back that he is no longer so little, and wants to sit up to be able to see outside, so we tuck the blanket in to keep him stable, and in this case warm as well.  : )

The end result of this stroller ride and many stroller rides.  : )  I try to take walks with him close to nap time, as to not throw off his schedule, since he usually ends up asleep during them. 

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Amanda said...

What a beautiful place to walk!