Monday, February 1, 2010

How many ways can you carry a baby?

I have discovered that there are MANY ways to carry my baby!  I enjoy having him close to me and having my hands free and have discovered he likes that well too.  It is especially handy when going into the stores, which I will have to do with him now, as he is outgrowing his carrier carseat.  I really like sling-type carriers, because they distribute Will's weight well across my back and shoulders.  I thought it was interesting to see all the ways I can carry him, as you will see below!  : )
Of course, the first way I every carried Will!  I would say this may be the easiest in some ways, and the hardest in others.  ; )
Poor Will fell asleep on the walk this day, then his mean Mommy made him stand in the sun for the picture.  This is of course the classic front carrier.  This particular one is a Snugli. 

This is my Peanutshell sling, and as a little plug--these things are GREAT!  I loved it when he was little and it converts well when he is bigger too.  They can be pricey, but if you order online through the "grab bag" or get it on sale, you can get them at a pretty decent price.  This particular one was a grab bag purchase.  I have a second one also.  This is called the "kangaroo carry", and there are many other ways to carry a baby in this.  If you want more info--just check out the website:

Here's my version of the Moby wrap.  It's basically a big long piece of fabric that you can wrap around you.  It also provides different ways to carry your baby.  Will's feet can also hang out in this position, which I do more often now that he is bigger (and did after this picture was taken).  To make your own, you can purchase a piece of fabric that is somewhat stretchy, but holds it's shape still, without becoming stretched.  Anyhow, if anyone would like anymore details about it, just let me know in a comment. 

Ah, and here we have my FAVORITE carrying way, though not the easiest at all times---in my arms!  : )


Anonymous said...

Very cute post! Loved it. Your little man is growing so fast! It definately can be quite a task to figure out how to carry baby and still do other things at the same time!!


The Broxton's said...

this was so cute!!! Mrs Diana Lanskey made me a sling. I love it! WIll looks so cute too!

Amanda said...

That peanutshell sling looks really neat! You both are so adorable! He is getting sooo big!

Jenny said...

Wow Jen, you really have lots of cool slings! Way to go! You seem to really have it down. I have never heard of a peanut shell sling. You could make them and sell them, I bet! Great post, sorry it took me a week to comment!