Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thinking of You, Dear Friends

I was just struck tonight by how grateful I am for you, all my friends out there in blogdom.  I started this blog after we left Washington state in order to keep in touch with my friends out there, and also far away family.  Well, this blog has done the job, as well as the blog of others, and facebook!  I am so thankful to be able to keep in touch with my sweet friends this way, who I love now just as much as I did when I was with them in person.  I was thinking about how someday we hope to be back in Washington, as we loved it there so much (but we always try to be willing for whatever the Lord has planned for us).  Anyhow, it has been about two years since I started this blog and left Washington, and now we are preparing to move again.  So, I wanted to thank you, my dear friends for continuing to post on my blog and for keeping up on your own.  I am so grateful for both, as I love you and desire to continue to "keep up" with you  no matter the distance between us.  Praise God for sweet, godly friends.  Oh yes, and as a sidenote---we always welcome visitors, so never hesitate to ask (though we know the distance and cost is not always feasible).  ; ) 


Joy said...

Well I am so grateful we got to meet up at Christmas this year! I will always treasure our time. You guys mean a lot to us and we are so thankful to be friends. May the Lord bless you during your next move and enjoy New England. It is magnificent!! Take care my friend! We love you!

The Broxton's said...

I am always happy to see your updates on here and to see updated pictures of your little guy!! I will keep that in mind if we ever head on out that way!! =) I have been trying to update my blog more then what I do for facebook. I do much perfer blogspot! I love hearing from you on my blog as well! love and miss you tons!

Amanda said...

We really miss you all! It is nice to be able to see pictures of your cute family and read what you've been up to! Hope you have a great day!