Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Minuteman Trail

Living so close to many places known in US history, we really want to take advantage of seeing all we can while we are here.  So this past weekend we took an outing to sites along "The Minuteman Trail", which is right next to where we live.  The Minuteman Trail is a trail that follows the path the British used when they went from Boston to Concord to start the Revolutionary War, and as they marched the colonists fought them (since they were warned from Paul Revere and others).  :)  We snapped a few pics of the few places we visited.  I am sure you will see more in the future, as there are quite a few stops along this route to see.

Will and I in front of the bridge where "the shot heard round the world" took place...the colonists stood their ground on one side of the bridge, keeping the British from coming across, the exchange known as the beginning of the Revolutionary War, I believe.

Carl standing on the British side of the bridge, where their first casualties were taken.

It gives me chills to read "In gratitude to GOD" on this monument.  Praise the Lord for the freedoms we have to this day!  :)

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Krista said...

It is so fun to see these pictures since I have already been there. I can't wait to come visit you so Kris and Simon can see all these places too.
I love seeing Will in his sling. Sure makes it fast to check all these places out instead of getting out the stroller.