Sunday, July 25, 2010

Walden Pond

This past week we visited Walden Pond, where (as many of you know) Henry David Thoreau lived in his little cabin when he wrote the book Walden.  Now it is not only the site of the cabin replica and original site, but a beautiful place to visit where locals can swim, fish, hike, and picnic.  The pond is absolutely beautiful, as it has no inlet or outlet, so it's levels depend on the amount of precipitation.  It happens to be that currently it is quite high, reaching 100ft. at it's deepest point!  The water is so lovely that you can actually see the bottom to about four or so feet (from where we could see standing on the shore).  Anyhow, we had a perfect day there, with the weather being just right we visited the cabin replica, hiked around the pond perimeter visiting the original cabin site along the way, and finished off with a picnic lunch.  It was an all around great day!  Here are a few pics from the trip.
Carl in front of cabin and woodshed replica.

Inside of cabin (unfortunately there were a couple large tourist groups there, so we had to snap a picture fast...girl signing guest book and all).  :)

The pond.  The trees you see are all around the perimeter, so make for a lovely hike all around the pond.

Though this is a poor picture of Will and I, it does help show the clarity of the water.

The walk through the woods was so peaceful, it put Will to sleep.  :)

The original cabin location (across the pond from the main road/replica site).

My boys ready to eat their picnic goodies!

While eating lunch, we discovered that Will apparently loves acorns.  He kept picking them up and popping them in his mouth!  At one point he had actually tried to chew one.  Silly boy.  Anyhow, as a disclaimer, he is holding a candy wrapper Carl gave him, but it was clean of any candy remains when he received it.  At the end you will witness his acorn love.  :)


Joy said...

Wow! That is pretty neat! What a wonderful time. That is a beautiful and peaceful looking place. :)

The Broxton's said...

i think it is strange how the water is almost up to the sign!!!

the water is pretty...nice and clear...reminds me up lake cressent up here!! so beautiful!!

Jenny said...

What a great day it looks like you had! And what beautiful pictures! I absolutely love historical sites. Will is getting sooo big! He is so adorable hunting out that little acorn and eating it. Ya know, I have only seen an acorn a few times in my life? How strong you must be to carry that big boy in a front harness on a hike!!! I would have to carry mine in a back pack carrier, that is our preferred packing device. :) Love you and thanks for sharing your photos and videos! Will is sooo handsome!!