Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Hi!" From Boston

Will has officially said his first word...I was trying to teach him to wave, and each time I waved to him I would say "Hi Will!".  Apparently I inadvertently also taught him his first word...hi.  :)  He started waving and then one day when I was holding him in front of the mirror he looked at his reflection, waved, and said "Hi!".  We hesitated to call this his first word, until he repeated it multiple times and now he does it consistently.  In the first video he is saying the word without waving, as I am waving to him or saying hi.  In the second he waves along with the saying hi.  I think that since he now knows that the wave and the word hi go together, and are interchangeable he sometimes just says the word when he doesn't feel like waving.  You'll have to excuse the little bit of a mess, since at the time I was letting him play with his clean laundry.  Also, the angle is bad at times, since I had to put the camera on the stand.  If I hold it, he is too mesmerized to do anything but go after the camera.  :)


Tommy said...

lol that's a cute kid

Amanda said...

He is soooo cute!