Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going bananas!

Whenever I go to our grocery store (the commissary) I look in the produce section for whatever they have discounted.  Well a couple of weeks ago it was bananas, and a lot of them!  They discount their fruit or veggies that need to be eaten asap by plastic wrapping them and marking them down in price as a bunch.  Anyhow, I bought tons of bananas and here was the result of my banana party...

Just SOME of the bananas!

Blended bananas for fruit leather.

For some strange reason, the smaller loaf would not get done in the middle, where the large loaf turned out wonderfully.  Hmmm...something I'll have to figure out in my new oven.

I made LOTS of fruit leather--so good and so easy!  :)


The Broxton's said...

fruit leather..! how do you make it?? can you send me a recipe??
christopher.jeanne@hotmail.com =]

Amanda said...

Very good Jenny! I'm working on trying to keep all my animals out of my garden this week! Ugg... I would really like to have some veggies come out lol. I hope you all are doing well!

Emily's Posts said...

Yum! My grandpa used to make fruit leather every year!! and banana bread, how can you go wrong?