Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I was making cookies, and the last two of the bunch were forgotten and burned a little.  It's always those last two lone cookies that don't make it through for me.  Anyhow, I gave the cookies to the dog.  I know, I know, dogs aren't supposed to have chocolate and all, but it was only two cookies.  : )  Missy, our dog decided that she would take one of the cookies into the living room and drop it on the floor.  As she did this, Will spotted the cookie, and being highly intrigued and inquisitive, made his way quickly to where the cookie lay.  He picked it up and was examining it, then put it down.  Once he did this, Missy swooped in, picked it up, lay down, and started munching on it.  Will saw this and again wanted to handle the cookie, so took it directly from between Missy's paws and out of her mouth.  Being the mild mannered dog she is, Missy didn't even bat an eye.  Then Will apparently got the idea of holding the cookie out to Missy.  Missy saw this and rewarded his thoughtfulness by licking and munching on the cookie while Will held it in his hand!  Ha!  Pretty cute!  This whole exchange happened a few times, as Missy would chew and Will would happily wave his arms in the air, cookie in hand and then again hold it out for Missy to munch on, so I was able to snap a few pictures of the whole exchange.
"Hey, want a cookie, Missy?"

"Mmmm...thanks, Will!"

"What?!  We weren't doing anything?  Nothing to see here!"


The Browning Family said...

Love it! He (Will that is) is sooo cute! Gotta love the hand off to the pooch!

Emily's Posts said...

that is so sweet!!!!