Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Cloth Diaper Tutorial

Before Will was born I had the idea of possibly using cloth diapers, but didn't look into it too much, and the idea got pushed back for a while, and thankfully I had been given many packs of diapers for a shower our church had for us.  Then when Will was around 5 months, my sister-in-law had started using cloth with Will's cousin, and that peaked my interest once again. That along with the fact that Will was constantly leaking through his disposables at night, which of course woke him up.  So after MUCH research on the costs of cloth and the types of cloth diapers, I took the plunge.  I first started by ordering ONE diaper to try out.  :)  Just getting my toes wet.  I liked it, and then after more and more research found that there are forums online in which you can by any sort of cloth diaper you can imagine used!  YIPPEE!!  I love buying second-hand items when I can.  I know what you may be thinking...EWWW, USED DIAPERS?!?!  Well, yes, and no, it's not ewwww.  I thought maybe it would be at first, too, but they are washed just like clothes and are made to last through multiple children, so hold up very well.  Upon finding this discovery I bought a number of different styles/types of cloth diapers in order to try them out and see what worked best for us.  Then, once I discovered that (after about 2 months), I chose the types I kept the ones I liked best, sold back the others (they really hold their value!), and bought up more of the ones I wanted.  So now our cloth diaper "stash" consists of 2 types of diapers that I use.  Now, the real side of the cost--cloth diapers can be expensive at the front end (when you first buy your "stash"), but in the long run, even with washing costs included they save A LOT, especially if you use them with more than one child, which is very common, as I said they last a long time!  Also, as I said, there are many types, so you can make cloth very expensive and very inexpensive or somewhere in the middle (at the get go).

Of course there is always the time/effort issue.  Yes, you do have to deal with "poopy" and you do have another couple loads of laundry a week.  I started when Will was 6 months, and don't know if I'll start at the newborn age or not if the Lord blesses us with another child.  We''ll see.  Anyhow, it all deals with what you want and are willing to do.  : )  And I know, I know, I just have one child so far, but I really plan to continue to use cloth and have talked to many mommies with man children that have used cloth for them all, so I know it's possible!  ; )

Just wanted to share this little bit of info, as I know many mommies and new mommies out there.  Also, there is a TON more info I have if anyone is truly interested, just let me know, and I'll share.  : )

These are what I regularly use when we are out and at home.  It is a regular "old style" cloth diaper (a prefold), but they are made out of bamboo or hemp, which is just the choice I made instead of cotton. 

Inside of them I fold up a microfiber car towel you can buy in packs of 7 at Walmart for $5, for a little more absorbency added.  Not everyone does this, it's just my choice. 

On top, I put a little strip of fleece fabric (bought and cut myself) to keep the moisture off Will's skin.  You can get microfiber inserts that are naturally moisture-wicking, and they are great, but not the right fit for Will (long story).

Then I put the whole thing inside of a waterproof cover that I can use again and again, just wiping it out, so I don't have to wash it after every use (unless it gets dirty of course).  All my diapers need a waterproof cover, so I use these Flip covers that snap and are adjustable, one-size-fit's-all. 

These are bamboo diapers that are one size, that you pin.  I LOVE these, but they are a little bulkier (but VERY absorbent) and a little more expensive, so I use them at home, for longer trips, and for bedtime.

These are the types of diapers my sister-in-law uses, which are Bumgenius and are probably the most well-known cloth diapers.  They are a one-size "pocket" diapers, so you stuff them with inserts on the inside, and then they work much like a normal disposable diaper.  Cloth is really all about personal preference and what works best for your baby.

Okay, that was a lot of information!  I LOVE using cloth diapers, so sorry if it was too much, but figured someone may find it useful and others can just skip this post.  : )


Anonymous said...

I've learned more about cloth diapers than I ever thought possible!

Amanda said...

I used them with Becky. I started out with them and when we moved we bought some disposables for convenience and never went back! lol! I have to say if I had another baby I think I would use them again though.