Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swimming and Biking and Running, Oh My!

Carl completed his Half-Ironman triathlon this past weekend!  What an accomplishment!  It was a 1.2mile swim, 58 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run!!  WHEW!!  Makes you exhausted just to read it, doesn't it?  He did a fabulous job, and made it through alive!  Praise God and good job Carl!  There are quite a few pictures below, as I thought such an accomplishment deserved plenty of them.  ; )  I must apologize about the quality, though...I forgot the digital camera, so had to use a one-time use camera.

Daddy and Will around 6am prior to the start of the race.

Carl prior to the race's start next to his bike in the "transition area" (#61 behind him).

The swim route was FAR, around the orange buoy's in this lake...you may be able to see them if you look closely behind the larger green buoy.

Carl's swim group getting ready to go.

Carl exiting the water after the swim.

Carl exiting swim.

Carl coming in on the bike (after his 58 miles!).

Going out on run.

Bringing it in on the home stretch!

Great job, Carl!!  What an accomplishment!


Amanda said...

Great job Carl!!! Whew.... That is awesome!

Jenny said...

Wow~!! What an amazing accomplishment! The photos are great! Thanks for sharing them... he must feel so accomplished to have completed something like that. I can only imagine!

Krista said...

That swim looks so much more intimidating than just swimming laps in the pool. Congrats Carl. What is up for your next big race? Or is it time to focus more on school?

lily<3 ray<3 said...

i wish i was in such shape! man that's amazing! way to go!