Tuesday, October 6, 2015

High Tide and a Fun Walk

The other day we were driving home from an errand and had to stop for a local walk after seeing how high the water was during the high tide.  It was a really HIGH tide.  ;)

The children on the path to the island walk.  Notice how the water is almost on the path on both sides.  During low tide, there is dry land on each side of the walk.

The water is so beautifully clear.

Throwing rocks into water is always a necessity when one is so near to it.

Hanny for once actually WANTED to hold my hand!

Getting ready to cross the "Wiggly Bridge" to the island.

Will informing the children of the different paths they could take, then directing them to the one we will take now.  ;)

Jadon telling me a story about something he thinks is in the trees.  He's always very earnest and expressive in his story telling. :)

My pretty girl.

The children took the high path, while I took the low, which they thought was pretty cool.

Will pretending to be a tree to try to be camouflage so I couldn't see him.

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