Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hike in the White Mountains

This past weekend we went on a family hike in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  It was our first real "hike" as a family with all the children.  We've done easier hikes, where children can walk the whole way, but this one was a little more intense.  Hannah rode the whole hike and Jadon rode part of the time and walked part of the time.  It was Will's first long hike where he walked the WHOLE way, carrying a pack with his gear and some of the gear for the family (it was about a 5 mile loop).  The highlights of the hike were a gorgeous waterfall and a stunning cliff outlook.  The weather was perfect and it was a great family day.

Snack break!

Way down there in that small opening is a building and a few cars you can see...that's where we parked.  This is the pinnacle of the hike.  :)

Pictures can't even come close to the beauty of this view.

The way home.

This boy was so worn out.  He was such a trooper on the whole hike, and didn't complain.

Jadon did much less walking than Will, as can be seen by his energetic expression.  Lol.  ;)

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