Sunday, August 10, 2008

Those Crazy Dogs

For those who do not know, we have two dogs, a yellow lab mix and a black lab mix. Since the Lord has not yet blessed us with children, these two dogs are the closest things to kids we have, and we love them to death. They are our playing and running companions, and make us laugh continually. Anyone without pets or not having had any may find the joy we take in them hard to understand, but if nothing else, maybe these videos will at least provide you with a chuckle or two. :) Our black lab is Missy and our yellow lab is Sarah. We were taking some video of them the other day and I thought a couple were so funny that I wanted to share them.

This first video is of Missy just learning how to roll over. It's pretty cute. She gets so excited about the whole prospect of rolling over and getting a treat that she just lays and squirms like a dying bug for a second before completing the roll.

This second video is of Missy and Sarah both running around excitedly, but is mainly showing Missy's excited run, which we call her "boot scoot". She pretty much runs in a scooting position. It looks like she is in the sit position, but she is running. It's a crack up.

These sweet, funny dogs bring us so much joy, I just wanted to share a little of it.


tommy said...

That is so hilarious how she runs like that. I have never seena dog do that.

One Happy Family said...

SOO funny! I was also getting a chuckle of Carl in the background running and slapping his legs. You guys are so funny.

Jenny said...

Awesome, .. but how were you guys making that sounds like the cadence of a drumline! Does Carl know how to beat box? I had to hear it like 4 Carl doing that all on his legs? If so, he seriously missed his calling! LOL JK It just sounds like a fun marching band cadence to me! Love it! How fun to see her scoot! I also loved seeing Missy roll over, but even more I loved hearing your giggle at the end!!! I took a few new videos of Malaci, I'll post them soon.