Monday, August 25, 2008

What do YOU think?

So, I am currently looking for some new glasses and have been looking online. With everything online, many sites now have a tool that allows you to upload your picture and therefore "try the glasses on" at their site. I have done this with some pairs and would greatly appreciate your opinion on which you think is best. :) I have listed a label for each pair under the picture. Please excuse the picture itself, it's not that great, but does the trick.

Pair A

Pair B (Red)

Pair B (Black)

Pair C (Ha, ha)

Pair D

Of course, if you think they all stink, feel free to say so. : ) My feelings won't be hurt, I promise. Thanks for your help! ; )


Jenny said...

Jenny, I like pair B the most. I suppose because I like the color red, and I like their shape the most. In the given photo, I like the way the red looks with your hair... I guess it's a bit softer than the black. I wish I could get glasses too! Haha... someday.

Joy said...

Hey kid! I did this before! :) It is a great way to see if you like them. I got two pair of glasses for 32 bucks! :) I like the pair B (red) on you. That is very nice! :)

Tommy said...

I'm voting for D. You know when your renters are moving in yet? We have got some rain here the past few days and the yard might need another mowing soon.

One Happy Family said...

I like pair D. - Offers some style as well as fits your face best.

Josh and Cindee said...

I like the shape and color of pair B. I think the oval shape softens the lines of your face. Hope that makes sense. :)

Tom and April said...

I like B red...i agree it goes with your hair.