Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mmmmm...Molten Cake!

A while ago we went out to eat at Chili's and since we were already there, splurged and also got dessert, which we shared. What we got was a white-chocolate molten cake, which we both agreed may be the BEST dessert we have ever had. Ever since then we have been wanting it again, and the other day, I decided to try and look up the recipe online. Well, what I found was a video of a guy on youtube that replicates restaurant recipes. He was showing how to make the regular chocolate version of this dessert, so I tried it and the results are below. Since I have now done this, I am going to experiment on my own to make the white chocolate version next. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Hershey's hot fudge is found in the ice cream toppings area of the grocery store.

Here is the cake after I took a bite, with the "lava" melting out in a fudge stream.

This recipe was incredibly easy, and all the ingredients are ones that I most always have in stock. To make it you only have to have a chocolate cake mix, Hershey's fudge, and ice cream. You mix the cake mix, and put it into a large cupcake pan (making 6 small cakes). From there you take the muffins out after cooling and cut off the muffin tops to make them sit evenly. Next, you cut a small hole in the bottom of the muffins and fill it with hot fudge (the muffins will be sitting upside down). Then you freeze them for 2 hours, warm up for 45 seconds and top with ice cream and drizzled hot fudge. I have kept them in the refrigerator after freezing, as I was not serving them immediately.

They are quite good, very easy, and make for a very sophisticated and complicated looking dessert for guests!


Tom and April said...

Yum Yum jenny....looks So good...unfortunately I will have to try it and thus slowly losing my will to diet!!!!

Jenny said...

That does look sophisticated and yummy! Cool recipe. I don't have one of those pans though. So, is it like a muffin pan that makes large, Costco-type muffins?

Jenny B. said...

Yes, it is. You could make it in another type of pan, maybe a loaf pan or two and then cut the loaves in half to use for individual cakes? My pan was actually a gift.

Jenny B. said...

Jenny, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I am sure you could just make smaller cakes with a regular size muffin tin. They would be proportioned much better.