Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our First IDPA Competition

This weekend we went to our first International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) competition. I have showed you pictures before of when we went to a local meet, which is where we practice with other local members. This weekend we went to a real competitive match with 100's of others. It was a great time, and we look forward to the next match we will be able to shoot. This time we took videos instead of pictures. They are more fun to watch and show you what it really looks like in action. For those who do not know about IDPA or shooting in general, this association and the matches it holds are for everyday people who enjoy shooting and want to learn how to be better at it, mainly for defensive purposes. The scenarios set up at these matches are to help individuals practice for possible real-life situations at which one's life or the life of loved ones may be in danger. It is all about self-defense. If you have any more questions or interests in IDPA, the website is The match was a great time, and the people we shoot with here locally all went, so it was like hanging out with some friends doing something you all really enjoy.

There were 15 stages to the whole competition, and each stage had a scenario that went with it, so different starting positions and objectives. Under each video, I have given you the stage scenario. You are timed during your shooting, and your total score is composed of your times and shot accuracy.

This is me shooting Stage 14: "No Rest For The Weary". The scenario is: You wake up in the middle of the night with an armed man standing over your bed, you hear more in the other room. Note that the cardboard person you see in front of 3 others with a black hand on it is an innocent bystander that you have to shoot around, not shoot. The movements seem so slow when you watch it, but in real life, you seem to be moving faster. Also, being new at this, I was taking my time trying to be accurate this time. All of the wise folk who have been doing this a while say time comes later, but that you "can't miss fast enough". : ) So, we try to use their wisdom for ourselves.

Here is Carl shooting Stage 1: "Nice Neighborhood". The scenario is: After walking up to the ATM, you are assaulted by three bad guys. You find after it's too late, they have friends.

The match was a great time, and many of the people we shoot with here locally went, so it was like hanging out with some friends doing something you all really enjoy, rooting each other on as you go.


One Happy Family said...
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Jenny B. said...

Chariss, your boys are so sweet. Thanks for sharing the comments! They made me smile. We miss you guys.

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