Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Small "Virtual" Tour

Okay, I finally have a few pictures of our new home...

Here is the view of our living room when you first walk in the door. As you can see, the kitchen and dining area open into it, with a bar dividing the two. It is a very nice big, open livingin room with high vaulted ceilings. There is a fireplace too, but we don't think it will be necessary to use it down here. :)

This is the view from the back door into the living room, letting you see the entryway into our home. The doors to the left are the garage and master bedroom, and too the right are the spare rooms, bathroom, and laundry closet.

Here is a closer view of our kitchen/dining area. Please forgive the wallpaper (we are renting and cannot change it) ;). It is a nice big area with a large kitchen area and enough room for our big table and many guests.

Here is the kitchen area. It has a great deal of counter space, which is wonderful for me.

Here is our spare bedroom. We also like to think of it as our mini-library. :)

Well, that is all I have for now. We are still sorting and going through boxes, as it is a seemingly never ending process as anyone that has moved can attest to. : ) We are getting settled in our new home and I am enjoying the opportunity to decorate and design the new space as much as I can. We have already entertained in it and hope to do much more.


Josh and Cindee said...

Jenny, your place is cute. It looks very comfy and homey (if that's a word). The wallpaper, at least in the pics, isn't that bad. At least it seems to match. :) I know wallpaper is frustrating though. We rented a home once with blue floral wallpaper in the master bedroom and it didn't match our color scheme at all. I couldn't stand the way that room looked but couldn't do anything about it.

Jenny said...

Oh, Jenny, I think it's beautiful! I love the coffe table piece of furniture in your living room, I want one! What a blessing that you have been able to entertain and be hospitable already. You living room is so warm and inviting and I like your library. :):) Thanks for sharing these pics! So good to see your new place and your special touches. I was surprised at the familiarity it has to your previous living room, with the fireplace, etc. Maybe it's just me. Love ya!

Amanda said...

Your place looks so homey!

Jenny B. said...

You are right, Jenny, we feel the same way, that it is somewhat similar. Funny thing is it also reminds us of the house in which we lived in South Carolina. Maybe we just pick similar styles, as that is what we like? :)

One Happy Family said...

Very warm, and inviting. Your personality is evident in your decorating and that is good! Miss you guys!