Saturday, July 12, 2008

Redbirds Win!!

This Friday night we went to our first Memphis Redbirds game. They are a Triple A team, which I think is right below the major league. We enjoy going to games, and were excited to go see the Redbirds, as the tickets are much cheaper than major league. We also discovered that the seats are MUCH better, which makes sense, as the stadium itself is much smaller. We do miss just taking the ferry as we were able to do to Seattle, rather than driving like we have to do now. We had a fun time, and in the end it ended up being a close game. The Redbirds have now gained two more fans.

This picture shows just how close we were to the field. The players are warming up behind Carl.

Another cool thing is this hill you see people sitting is inside the field, and next to it is a kids playground. I believe people still pay to sit on it, and their kids can play on the playground while they watch the game (it's all inside the fenced in stadium). We thought it was cool.

Here are some new friends of ours. Carl works with Nick, and we met him with his wife Danielle at the game, and their little girl Violet.


Jenny said...

Oh how fun! And it's so good to see you in a picture!! :) That hill looks nice...what a great idea. I haven't been to a baseball game in a long time... but it sure is better when you are that close and can see what's going on! Great post! Love ya!

One Happy Family said...

Love the post. I read it on Wednesday afternoon. Then went to church and guess what . . . saw CARL!!! I was like, huh??!! I was wishing you had come as well.