Monday, July 7, 2008

Church Update

I hope everyone had a fun and happy 4th of July. This year was the first in I think 3 years that Carl and I were together. It's amazing having my husband home all of the time! I thought I would give a quick church search update, since I know that I have been mentioning this as a prayer request. We have found a church that we are going to try for a month, and then decide. We realize that we will never find a Westside again, but we still want to find the best. This church seems to be the best among our choices, with many of the qualities we are looking for (mainly sound preaching and doctrine). Who knew it could be so hard to find a church? We were spoiled at the last two places we lived, finding phenomenal churches (especially our last one). This church just happened to be the last on our list of churches to try (about 8 in all). So, we will keep you updated, but please continue to keep our search in your prayers. We are excited to see where and what God is going to use us for here.

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Jenny said...

Oh, how nice it must be to have Carl home all the time now, what a blessing. I will continue to pray about the church decision... I know that can be a tricky one. Do you guys pick up a copy of their doctrinal statement when you visit? Missed you so much this 4th...and I had almost forgotten about the SHOE incident from last year. LOL! ALMOST.