Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Visitors

Over this weekend, Carl's sister, Krista, her husband Kris, and their dog Wrigley, came down to visit us. We had planned this visit about a month or so ago,and were quite excited about it. We had a wonderful time and tons of fun with them. Here's some pictures of all we did...

We went to our range and shot some clay pigeons. For anyone that does not know, they are clay discs that are catapulted into the air by machines, and using a shotgun, you shoot them. It is a fun time, and is actually designed for hunters to practice shooting moving targets, similar to how birds would be moving. Krista and I were some pretty intimidating ladies with these big guns (because of our shooting accuracy, of course). : )

Later that day we took a nice long walk at our favorite park with our dogs, wearing out both them and us.
This was toward the end of the trail. By this time the pups were both hot and thirsty.

Kris, Krista, Carl, Wrigley, and Sarah on the trail.

The next day we went into downtown Memphis and saw the Peabody Hotel ducks. The Peabody is a very nice hotel in Memphis that is known for having ducks that live there. During the day they swim in the fountain in the lobby if this grand hotel and at night they ascend to the roof for the evening (where they live) via the elevator! Sounds kind of funny, I know, but it's just one of those things you have to see when you are in Memphis.

Carl and I at the duck fountain, you can see a couple ducks swimming in the water behind us. The lighting is kind of poor, so you have to look closely (there is one over my shoulder).

The ducks are walking down their red carpet on their way to the elevator, followed by the man who "escorts" them up to the roof. I will admit, they were pretty cute.

Later that evening we went to a Memphis Redbirds game, which is always a fun time. It happened to set the record for the most attendance as well. Little did we know that we were going to make history. ; )

Kris and Krista at the game.

At the end of the game they had fireworks on the field.

So that was our Labor Day weekend. We had a blast. Hope you all were able to relax and have some fun on this long weekend, too.


Jenny said...

What a fun time! Awww... it makes me miss you even more. :(:( Pastor preached a message last night about Job, and in it he asked us to think of our 3 closest friends... (Job had three friends who were there with him during his suffering)... and he had us think who we would want there if we had some bad crisis... and you were one of mine. You have always been such a sweet comfort to me... I think of all of the times that you helped me out while I was sick carrying Malachi, Dan was remarking about that also recently. You really were there for me in my time of need when I was sick. I have been meaning to send you a Thank you note about that for like.... EVER, but it's not getting done so in the least I'm mentioning it here. You look SO awesome with that shotgun! You are such a great example of a level-headed tough cookie. Check out your muscles! Hee hee ... in the first photo I sat staring at it for ages thinking over and over... I REALLY didn't think her hair was THAT light...I can't believe how the sun is making it look. LOL! THEN I realized it wasn't you. :) LOVE you! So proud of you! Miss you! Love your blog!

Tom and April said...

I miss going to the range, but I have to admit I am not that great of a shot, at least not on moving bravo!!! The ducks look so cute. ANd a fun! I love going to games....well I am glad you had a great holiday weekend! We miss you.

One Happy Family said...

Loved the post. Love you with guns. So do the boys. They think that is pretty cool. My dad, who unfortunately never had a boy - so I was kind of like a boy to him - used to take me shooting as a little girl. Seeing you at the range makes me think of that time. Amongst all the "boy stuff" he made me do - I liked shooting guns the best.

Bruce Bodin said...

Hi y'all, great site with family, guns, dogs and scripture, that covers most of the bases. All is well here, hope the same for both of you. Your mom was just here and told us about your blog. Good job!

Bruce and Gail