Monday, September 22, 2008

Experimental Pictures

I have always wanted to be a photographer of sorts (for fun), and have for a while been experimenting and trying to learn how to be one. I have just a normal "point and click" type digital camera, that I am trying to master, as Carl and I have made a deal that I must first master the easy camera before I can get a much nicer, more complicated one. :) So, since I now have a blog, you, my fellow bloggers and such are subject to helping me in this process. :) I hope you don't mind. Here are a few experimental pictures I took the other day of a dying rose and one of our pups (the only subjects I really have at my disposal). Any advice or comments you have would be much appreciated. Thanks!

This picture is clearly blown-out (is that the right terminology, Jenny S.?). The lesson here was that having your subject directly in the sun is too much light. I guess this is why camera flashes tend to make people look pale at times.

I was working in Macro mode here (trying to take a clear picture close-up). I am not sure how well it turned out, though. My question is--how do you know what you are actually pointing at with your lens, or do you learn simply through experimenting? What is the best angle for macro mode? What do you think I was actually trying to capture clearly here--the rose, leaves, or grass?

This was my favorite picture for lighting. I discovered that having the subject in shaded lighting, with my back slightly covering the sun was the best angle for lighting. I love the angle and look of this picture.

Who says dogs don't smile? :)


Jenny said...

Okay, I'll give my 2 cents, but only because you asked... I don't want to be seen as the "photo-know-it-all"! ... LOL...and I think ALL photos are beautiful and wonderful, they all capture life! But, 'tis true, in the realm of "good, better and best", all photos fall into one of those categories. :)

Okay, I'm not certain if your first photo is sharp, I say not certain because I can't enlarge it by clicking. Sharp means crisp and clear... and sharpness is what we ALWAYS want to have in a good photo. Yes, you are right about the direct sunlight... it's not usually a good thing. It's just too bright usually. Blow-out is when there are patches that are so bright that they are just WHITE in the color, no detail. OVER-exposed.

The way you know what you are actually pointing at is you aim the "target thing" where you want. You should be able to change your "target" thing to different shapes and styles, i prefer a very small focus target so that I can meter on just what i want to be in focus, esp in macro mode. So, make sure that your screen view is "on" so that you can see all of that info while shooting. I believe the best angle for macro mode is close... and then across the top or at an angle. Across the top of a flower will give some petals in focus and other not. Straight on will make all petals the same focal distance, therefore they are all in focus. In macro just make sure your frame has different depths of field in that either the foreground or the background is blurry ("thrown") for that artistic, macro look. In macro, i would also try gettng closer to your subject, making sure that the camera is not zoomed out at all, but on 50mm or whatever the recommended macro setting is. Otherwise you will have focus issues. But try getting closer!

I love your bottom flower photo! I love the angle and the composition of it. When the light is even in a photo (no bright spots or spotted sunshine), then it is easy to edit the exposure in PS and get it to look just the way you want. If there are sun spots they usually get blown when editing. I try for all shade for my flower photos, but well "lit" shade, if that makes can't be too terribly dark. next book comes out in October! LOL Love you! Love the photos!! Want me to email you the macro ones you took at my house that one day?? Wait... I may have deleted them. We'll see. Was Carl serious about bringing me up to visit someday? Maybe Spring break! Haha... me an my shoe-full of kiddos. LOL

Amanda said...

I don't know anything about taking pictures I usually get lucky and take a few good ones. Maybe someday I will take the time to learn my camera! After taxes, school and whatever else comes up. It is on my list of things to do. Hey pastor had an awesome lesson in our Wednesday night school last night about Mastering your bible reading and your bible study.