Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bigger and Better

Here is a recent photo of me at 28 weeks, bigger and better than ever before. I post these periodically because we are far from friends and family and many of you like to see the progress of our first little one. : ) I do continue to grow, and actually am growing out of the few maternity clothes I have. Also, as an update, I have had my glucose testing and do not have gestational diabetes (Praise God!). I know that is a standard test they do for all, but every test makes me pray and be thankful for good results. So far all is going well with both baby and mother. I had a great second trimester, with much more energy than the first and no sickness! Now I am into the third, can you believe it?!?! Time seems to have flown and my appointments are now more frequent. I have been reading up a lot lately on the stages of labor and coaching and breathing techniques. Wow, it is a lot of information, but I am excited about getting closer to the day our baby boy will join us (outside of the womb)! For now, he is growing, as am I, and continues to be very active.


Joy said...

That is great about the GD test. It is always nice to pass those things. :) I have mine July 2. We'll see how that goes.
You look GREAT! :) Isn't is just amazing to see the baby wiggle in the belly and feel him like he has a few friends with him? :) I know you guys are as delighted as we are. I look forward to you meeting you're first born. God sure is good! :)
Love you guys!!

Chris and Jeanne' Broxton said...

you just look so cute!! i am glad to here that your little man is growing and all the tests are coming out good!! I have not had the testing for the diabeties ugh i do not know how i am going to make it through bc i do not do good with blood drawn!! i guess we will see!! I am so excited to see pictures of him (outside the womb)! love and miss you!!

The Casaus House said...

Hey Jenny! You look beautiful. We are so excited for you. I wanted to mention a book I love to read every pregnancy to help prepare for labor and delivery. You may have already read it...Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. You can find it at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. We will continue praying for you and your son. :)

Tom and April said...

you look beautiful can't wait to see pics of that little one. Time sure has flown, we are so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

You look great! Sure is good to have tests come back normal! Praise the Lord! Everytime I am amazed at God's hand of protection for me and my little ones.