Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Shower for the Baby

Carl and I went home last weekend and celebrated my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary (wow!) and had a baby shower with family. We had a wonderful time and I thought I'd share a few pictures. Our little boy received some great gifts, as did his mother. : ) It is so fun to go through all the little things he got, sorting them and imagining our little baby boy actually in them. He will be a well-dressed and covered little guy. We can't wait to actually put all his gifts to use!

One of the many cute gifts I received.

My sisters, Mom, and I at the shower. They hadn't seen me since we (the baby and I) had grown. They were excited to feel the baby move, which is always fun.

My grandparents celebrating 50 blessed years of marriage. We thank God for them and the great godly example they are to our whole family.

My family!


Jenny said...

Awww, Jenny... I love the photos!!! Love seeing YOU... you look adorable! And how sweet it is to see your mom and your grandparents again!! They are so very sweet... I can still remember their kindness. They look great! How wonderful to have a great family to surround you and your sweet baby. I can't WAIT to see him!! I can't wait to hear your birth story! Can't wait for all of it.... *sigh* only wish I could be there. Love you!

Anonymous said...

What a blessed time with family! How fun it is to go through all the stuff baby will eventually use! I never grow tired of that, each time getting more and more anxious to see little one!!