Monday, June 1, 2009

Men in Uniform

On Memorial Day Sunday, the men in our church who have or are currently serving in the military, or civil service (fireman, police officers) wore their dress uniforms to church and performed a flag presenting ceremony. During this they presented the American flag, went through the ceremony of folding it, and presented it to our pastor. Then they played Taps and Amazing Grace on the bag pipes. The whole ceremony was beautiful and produced much sniffling and tears among church members. Carl of course took part in this ceremony and below are a couple of pictures taken afterwards. The first is all of the men in uniform and the second is the men with their wives. It happened that many of us wives actually ended up dressing in matching colors with our husbands. Funny. Anyhow, it was a wonderful presentation and a great reminder for us not to forget what so many have given for us and our home, while still "under God", the greatest country on earth.

Carl is in the very middle, if you have trouble finding him. : )

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