Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Blocks

I LOVE to knit, and wanted to make a couple of gifts for little ones I know.  For Christmas I knit some felted blocks for our nephew and recently I knit some more for our friends' little boy.  Thought I'd share some pics of my latest creation. They are pretty easy and fun to make.  I have found the love for felting.  Here's the pattern, if anyone is interested: Felted Block Set.  I only made 6 of the smallest pattern for the blocks in the pictures.


Amanda said...

Wow that is a great gift! I am really wanting to get a new sewing machine and start some sewing. Becky and I did take up knitting this winter and we love it!

Jenny said...

Those are so adorable! Good job! They would make such a unique, soft, handmade baby gift. Thanks for sharing!!

The Browning Family said...

Wow! Great job Jenny!!! Love the bright colors!