Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Anyone?

I am sure you all have your own snow and if not have heard about the snow here in the NE.  Well, here's a few pictures to show that snow.  I have never in my life seen so much snow accumulation in my life.
Here's Missy on the path in our back yard.  You can see how much of the fence is covered in the snow on the sides.
See the small handle closest to you sticking up from the snow on the side of the swing set?  That's the handle on the slide.  The rest of the slide is completely under the snow.
Here's a wider view of the "sea of snow" in the courtyard between our houses.

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Amanda said...

Wow! I LOVED living on the east coast! We got a similar snow storm while we lived there. We really haven't had any this year at all! I do have to say though that I am ready for spring!