Monday, February 14, 2011


Last month sometime Will discovered that if he twisted the doorknobs long enough he could eventually get them unlatched.  Since then we have had all kinds of fun, including being locked out of both bathrooms and our bedroom.  Here are some pics of Will playing in the coat closet.  He loves to get in there and then "ask" Mommy to dress him in all his winter gear.  On this particular day he wanted to wear the jacket he has on in the picture.  I put it on him, with the hood up, and he wore that for hours.  (sidenote:  we have since gotten door handle blocker thingy's for the important doors)
Hiding in the closet.
Clearly explaining why he needs to be in the closet.
Telling Mommy "bye-bye" as he closes himself into the closet again. 

This one has nothing to do with the closet, but I thought it was funny.  He decided to put one of his toy bins on top of his head while wearing his coat backward (Mommy might have helped him with that one, as it did need zipping). :)

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