Monday, February 7, 2011

Children's Discovery Museum

This past Saturday we took Will to the Children's Discovery Museum which is about 25 minutes from us.  We went for a children's music class which was being held there and then visited the museum afterward.  The class was fun for Will, as he LOVES music, dancing, and playing "instruments" and the museum was awesome!  Will loved it and it was perfect for his age.  It's in a big house, with each room designed with a different theme for learning and play.  Pretty great.

Music class (these aren't that great, but give you an idea):

Walking in a circle 2-by-2 singing.
Playing the sticks.

Children's Discovery Museum (aka: our new FAVORITE place):
This room had lots of different shoots and tracks for balls...note the clear tracks near the ceiling.  They went around the walls and formed a pretty fabulous track.  Through the door ahead is the water room.
Will takes after his Daddy here in the ship room.
Working on all the knobs and switches under the ship.  :)
Just workin' on the train.
This was in the jungle room (you might've guessed that, huh?).  This was the first time Will has ever gone up and down a slide by himself.  He did it over and over and over and over again. :)

Will LOVED this place, so we will definitely be going back to work out some of that cabin-fever energy this winter!


Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun! It is good to see you can still get out with all the snow you've been getting!

Sabrina said...

That is such a great place! We should have a playdate there sometime!