Friday, February 25, 2011

Curtains, curtains, curtains! :)

Recently my mom and sister came to visit and while they were here my mom helped me make some curtains for our living room and kitchen.  That inspired me so much that shortly after they left I made curtains for my dining room, too.  They have made our house much more homey and more "ours".  We are too lazy to paint, due to the fact that we would have to repaint it again when we leave in 3 years (2.5 now).  Anyhow, thought I'd share a few pics of my most recent creation.  I absolutely love them and daily take satisfaction in how they brighten up and change the feel of each room.  It's the little things, you know?  :)

Living room--Sorry the lighting isn't so great...the flash refused to go off in the house.-Also made new covers for my pillows so they coordinate.
Other side of living room. 
Living room curtains...the large area rug in our living room has mainly grayish and black in it.
The kitchen.  Not too exciting, but I like this fabric...I had this in  my fabric stash. 
Kitchen pattern.
Dining room.  Again, sorry for the poor lighting.  
You can better see the pattern here.  


Amanda said...

Oh fun! You are inspiring me! I love a fresh set of curtains! I have been to Joannes probably 5 different times trying to find just the right fabric for my blue room! Did you do a liner on the other side? I am trying to decide if I want one or not. Great job!

Jenny B. said...

Amanda...thanks! No, no liner. Didn't really need it with our blinds. I don't like blinds at all, but they come with the house.

Renee said...

Great job Jenny! Love the pillow covers too!

Jenny said...

Beautiful, Jenny!! Guess what?? Keturah has a dress that I sewed for her out of the exact same brown and floral fabric! Isn't that cool?? It doesn't fit her anymore though. :( Great job!!